It All Begins Here....

  • Soundtrack of My Life

    Samuel & Winny
    Soundtrack of My Life

    Music is a powerful tool to express our love. Melodious tunes captivated every desire for wonderful moments. Thus we begin to write the soundtrack of our life. Such powerful tunes that we embrace as a symbol of our love. It is our privilege to welcome you to witness and enjoy our soundtrack. Hope you enjoy it

  • Art of Window Display

    Charles & Fanny
    Art of Window Display

    I often see life as a window display. A chance for us to show our compassion, our love of Mother Nature and our desire to display our hobby. In this paragraph, allow us to take you to another meaning of a window display. As we often mentioned, mother nature offer great many things in our life. We welcome you to take this opportunity to sneak peek what we captured so far

  • Rock at My Party

    Josephyne 17th
    Rock at My Party

    Welcome to rocking party at the dock. Release your youth spirit and dance away your worry. Today we celebrate the commencement of an adult life. Laughter and music enter the every corner of the room. An amazing way to embark a life ahead

  • Glamorous Winter

    Budi & Celine
    Glamorous Winter

      For those of you, who have been into the other part of the world, must know how winter truly is. Winter has been associated with so many things, cold weather, snow, Christmas. It might surprise you to find something entirely different. This time we let you to enter a glamorous winter. Great many artists participate for making this particular wedding be even more sparkling than winter’s snow. One thing that makes the winter shy is the radiance of the bride. Wearing a white wedding gown from Elly of Be gorgeous who team up with the make up artist Donny Liem makes the bride look so majestic. Andwhen the night turns to dawn, all there is to admire is the vision of Moreno&co that capture how great the wedding was. We’ve been lucky, to bare witness of this magnificent glamorous wedding

  • Night of a Never-Ending Dream

    It was such a pleasure to do this particular wedding; it was like reading the final chapter of your favorite book. You just don’t want it to end so soon. Nothing, I repeat, nothing went wrong on that beautiful day. The guests have anticipated this wedding for quite sometimes. They are most eager when they received the invitation card created by the artistry of Nononsense. The moonshine so brightly create an absolute romantic mood, cool breeze of the night air, starry night above the sky, fantastic details of decoration, it was a night to remember. Just like those in the movies. On the night like this, I finally understand how the moods at larabee’s party in the movie Sabrina or the grand and lavish party from meet Joe Black. Tomodachi wedding organizer works tirelessly to provide the flawless service for the guest. Along with the melodious music courtesy of Andrew lee. It was a magical night. Night of a never-ending dream

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  • A Wonderful Wedding

    Lawrencius & Livia
    A Wonderful Wedding

    Does any body remember the magnificent song call what a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong? It’s a song that always brings comfort to my heart; I can always feel the serenity when I heard the melodious music and simple lyrics yet so powerful. Doesn’t use any big words to describe the situation yet we can feel the majestic of the song. What I can say about this wedding is perfectly pictured in what a wonderful world song. It was a night to remember, balance mixture of the garden decoration at Hotel Mulia to the glamorous mood created for the guest. A lavish wedding cake decorated the stage courtesy of Le Nouvelle. The Bride was simply radiant, another masterpiece from Susi of Kleo. If I can describe the mood of the party, I would take lines from another splendid part of the song “the colour of the rainbow so pretty in the sky. Are also on the faces people going by. I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do. They really saying I love you” and I think to my self… what a wonderful world

  • Art of Surrealism

    Benny & Wenly
    Art of Surrealism

    One day I had a dream, waking up in the middle of the night with wild imagination. So I turn on my night-light that attached on the trunk of tree. I was hungry so I ate a giant apple. My room is a white dominant color with the strong accent of red. I have piles of gift boxes laying on the floor and some hanging on the tree, ready to be pick up, and one of them is my wedding gown by Tex Saverio. He made this amazing out of ordinary gown that really understand me.  Then I sat on my chair, working on task, my trusted organizer, Sense, who has been working with me for my wedding for months is expecting me to finish my work. But the truth is I enjoy this, it seems so surreal. I still have to pick my cake, but I know where to go. Hank’s cake would surely be able to fantasize with me. My alarm clock goes off, and it wakens me up. I smile so broad; my wedding is playing part in my dream now. I enjoy Surrealism, it gives me a whole new prospective of live. Why should life be ordinary when you have a vision of being extra ordinary? After all, my wedding is an art that worth to be adored  

  • Hare in Love

    Wilson & Yufi
    Hare in Love

    There are many stories about hare that is worth to tell. There are Velveteen Rabbit, Tale of Peter Rabbit, not to mention turtle and the hare. But none of them will ever match with this story that I’m about to tell. This is not a fable. Instead, it’s an epic. An epic that is so grand to tell so that we put it to spell. It was enchanting, garden full of flower, ornaments contain sweet memories, great many  pictures captivated by the great vision of Axioo, masterpiece to be shared among the rest. The Bride was the pinnacle of the evening, with the artistry of Susi from Kleo made the evening glowing with the radiance of her face

  • Our Moment, in a Special Way

    This one is a rather special wedding. One that we have waited for so long. We met them almost every week, we saw how much they care and respect for each other. And yes, we are talking about our beloved friends, Frantze and Lia. We made sure nothing will go wrong on their day. The anticipation did not let us down. From the flawless service provided by the courtesy of Hotel Mulia until the stunning dress from another perfectionist designer Elly Be Gorgeous. It was a night to remember, it was moment that we hold dear. It was the moment for all of us

  • Lovebirds of a Lifetime

    Some of the couple find it hard to get a good theme for their wedding (raise your hand!!!) but not this one. This one really knows what they want. It’s simple, witty, colorful and yet everlasting. Two love birds filling each other life in a perfect way. They began to choose a super duper detail organizer and they found it in Flair wedding organizer. Every ornament is very well prepared to cater their dreams. With the final touch of the astonishing make up by  Adi Adrian, they are set to go. These two lovebirds are finally getting what they hope for. A love of a lifetime